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  • Oak & Eucalyptus Pullover Sweatshirt

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    Classic crewneck sweatshirt, hand-dyed with foraged eucalyptus bark and printed with ancient oak leaves from the Sintra mountains.

    The sweatshirt is made from un-fleeced organic cotton in a timeless style. Can be sized up or down depending on the desired fit.

    All fabrics are mordanted with mineral salts before dyeing to create an insoluable bond between fabric and plant dye. However, please follow the care instructions below to extend the life of the natural colors.

    1. Wash in cold water up to 30 degrees Celcius.
    2. Use a natural pH neutral detergent.
    3. Dry out of the sun.

    For more care information, please visit weartinctoria.com/care-instructions.

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